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Model K-350 2 Man Sub

The above 2 photos is of our 2nd sub being built. This sub is currently up for sale

  Lake Diver Inc. submersibles were designed and developed by George Kittredge, a retired U.S. Navy 
submarine commander. Submarine plans for the K-350 sell for $350.00 USD.


Lake Diver Inc. was founded by Harold Maynard and operated by himself and his son John Maynard. We have a small machine shop in upstate N.Y. which is very capable of building and supplying all needs for the Kittredge designed submersibles. Our capabilities include full submersible fabrication including welding. We can also supply individual sub parts for any one that is building a sub of this design. We also have access to a large deep fresh water lake near by  ( Seneca Lake one of the largest finger lakes of N.Y.)  for full testing a operational training if requested.

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