Lake Diver Inc.

Submarine Photos

                                                                     Lake Diver in Seneca lake for a spin                                                    Sub resting on Tender Nellie on Seneca lake

                         Sub on  trailer going to dive site                                                         Sub recovering a body from Seneca lake (body being held by machnical arm just below bow of sub)

Lake Being Launched from Tender in the Florida Keys

                                                                    Tender Nellie with Lake diver aboard in the Keys

                                                                Launching Lake diver from Tender Nellie                    Lifting sub to barge in Lake Superior for contaminated barrel search

                                                                 Side view of sub on trailer                                                                             Tender Nellie taking Lake Diver out

                                                                                                     Heading to Lake Champlain via canal system for lost jetplane search